Maria Laet in Les imaginaires d’un monde in-tranquille at the Abbaye Saint André CAC, Meymac

Posted on June 14, 2017

Maria Laet
Terra (Canudos), 2015
Video, 11’35’’

Maria Laet
Terra (Canudos), 2015
Video, 11’35’’


Maria Laet participates in  ”Les imaginaires d’un monde in-tranquille”  a group exhibition at the Abbaye Saint André, Centre d’art contemporain in Meymac. The artist presents works from the saw series Terra (Canudos), 2015.
This new exhibition is the third part of an exploration of the contemporary creation on the themes of the utopia, the dream, the comic, the disillusionment of the world, after the exhibitions in 2014 “Les Esthétiques d’un Monde désenchanté”, and in 2015 “Constructeurs d’Absurde, Bricoleurs d’Utopie”.

Exhibition view: Click here

Opening exhibition: Saturday July 8th
Exhibition date: July 9th to October 15th 2017

Address: Abbaye St André
Centre d’art contemporain
Place du Bûcher
19250 Meymac

More information: click here

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